Illegal takeover of Accotink and Farm
after I tried to expose the accounting at bk467p191
by posting http://www.canweconnectthedots.com .

Anthony Miner O'Connell, Trustee

Does anyone know anyone who would get Chief Judge Dennis J. Smith to say why he does not recognize the 1992 Deed at bk8307p1446 ["enclosed document"]?  This continued concealment has put the Grantee, "ANTHONY MINER O'CONNELL, Trustee", on hold for 22 years. Do people understand how illegal this is?

(February 11, 2015, Chief Judge Dennis J. Smith to Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Mr. O'Connell:
We received your letter of January 5, 2014. I am sure the year was simply a typographical error as the letter was just received. Your request for an opinion regarding an enclosed document [ 1992 Deed8p ] is not made in the context of any pending matter in the Fairfax Circuit Court. Furthermore, even if it was, sending a letter to judges does not constitute the filing of pleadings as pleadings are filed with the Clerk of Court.
A request for an opinion or ruling by a judge not properly made in a pending case requests an advisory opinion. Judges "will consider, sua sponte, whether a decision would be an advisory opinion, because we do not have the power to render a judgment that is only advisory." Charlottesville Operators Ass'n v. Albemarle Cnty., 285 Va. 87, 99-100, 737 S.E.2d 1,14 (2013); see also Martin v. Ziherl, 269 Va. 35, 40, 607 S.E.2d 367, 369 (2005).
Accordingly, on behalf of our entire court, we decline your request for an opinion.
Respectfully yours,
Dennis J. Smith (seal) Chief Judge, 19th Judicial Circuit of Virginia"

The enormity of the concealment is mind boggling. Not one member of the Court, not one member of the Board of Supervisors, not one member of the Fairfax County Government, will take a transparent and accountable position on this 1992 Deed. How far would a Grantee have to go to get a transparent and accountable position?

Is this too dangerous to expose? History suggests that those in control will continue to use our trusting sister Jean Nader as unwitting cover until there is nothing left of our family.  deed11p



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Jean Miner O'Connell, our Mother, did not want assets to disappear from her estate or her family torn apart to cover it up. The CPA Joanne L. Barnes (SN 579-44-3240, EIN 541040148?), the Attorney Edward J. White, and their collaborators, did that. Their signature cover is to use a trusting member of the family they victimize to unwittingly divide and disempower the family. They are insulated beyond imagination. It is fiducary rape.

It appears to be the perfect cover. In twenty-three (23) years not one member of the establishment has tried to expose their accounting or tried to stop them from using our trusting sister. Not one. This accounting fraud is here to stay, and the only protection familes have is themselves. Secrecy between family members is essential to these accountants and fatal to the family. If your family insists on no secrecy between family members these accountants will leave your family alone.

Can anyone stop my trusting family members from being used? Please keep in mind that the accountants and their colaborators have been telling my family for twenty-three years that I am the bad guy. You will not believe the size of the forces musterred against me, to stop me from trying to expose the accounting. Suggestion - Verify that none of the items in the complaint they had my sister sign are true, and then try to convince my sister that none of the items are true.  http://www.chiefjudgesmith.com/complaint/complaint-home.html

1) Jean OConnell Nader, 350 Fourth Avenue, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, 15068, Tel 724 337-7537 (My sister) For some reason I can no longer get this address on mapquest. The links below show it is a real address -

2) Amy Nader Johnson, 1401 West View Drive, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, 15068-5947, natron36@hotmail.com (About half a mile from her Mom, Jean OConnell Nader)

To expose accounting fraud it is necessary to expose the accountiung. If you are not totally convinced that the only way to get to the truth is to expose the trails (money trails, document trails, what should be but isn't trails, etc.,), and that trails trump everything, this is a good place to stop.